Committee Introduction

Sol Gel Committee of the Chinese Ceramic Society

Sol-Gel Committee (SGC) of the Chinese Ceramic Society was authorized by Ministry of Civil Affair of the People’s Republic of China and was founded in May 2008. Sol-Gel Committee is situated in College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University. Professor Hui YANG from Zhejiang University, who is an ICG TC-16 committee member, acts as the Chairman of Sol-Gel Committee.

As an affiliate to the Chinese Ceramic Society, SGC is designed to rally the researchers engaging in Sol-Gel, follows science and technology custom, faces the development direction and magnitude requirement, aims at the foreland of Sol-Gel in the world, promote the research and development of Sol-Gel in China, and raise the industrialization of sol-gel technology for economic development. 


The task of SGC mainly includes conducting technical & academic exchange and cooperation at non-governmental level, carrying out continuing education and scientific popularization, and providing decision-making as well as technical consultations and services.


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